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How Much Money Should I Spend On My CD?

By: Vinny Ribas

Any time that someone prepares to record a CD, chances are the first question that comes to their mind is “How much will it cost?” However, that is often not the right question to ask. Too many artists pay much more than they should for their recording project, not because the quality...

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By Andrew Vaughan

Let's start 2010 with something free. I was contacted recently by an old country music buddy in England about this new concept artist posters. Paul Harris is the guy's name who runs the company and as an ex-singer/songwriter he loves to visit Nashville and do business with Music City. He started a...

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Protecting Your Reputation

By: Vinny Ribas

As a performer, you are in the public eye. That means that you are constantly being watched (live, video, interviews, etc.), heard (music, interviews, etc.), followed (Twitter, Facebook), compared (to other artists, past, present, and future), judged (personally and professionally), and talked about...

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Concert Cell Phone Etiquette

By: Nikki Spalaris

Okay, everyone... I think it’s time to "have the talk.” What talk, you ask? The etiquette one. This one is not about table manners or wearing white after Labor Day. No, this one is about a nasty addiction. An addiction that is so viral and yet complacent to the...

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Music 3.0 - The Historical Premise

By: Paul Schatzkin

The glimmer of a new beginning came at the end.

The "end" in this case is the final scene of a documentary called "Any Day Now," which follows the summer 2008 tour of a Nashville-based musicians' collective called "Ten Out Of Tenn....

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  • BLOC PARTY Announces EP of 5 New Songs! » Read More

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By : Andrew Vaughan

As the whole world begins to focus on The United Kingdoms capital city the evangelical music fan in me has ben reminded of the feature I wrote here a couple of years ago on a few of London’s rock and roll hotels. A lot of questions followed, mostly music fans and tourists wanting more specific information.

So, with the Olympics here and with thousands of you heading to London for the sports fiesta, this American based “Londoner” doesn’t want anyone to miss out on a huge opportunity to discover some of London’s greatest musical landmarks. So the next few Music City 411 blogs are going to see me waxing lyrical about the music heritage of my hometown. And for anyone visiting for the first time and wanting to spend some time exploring London’s musical history I’ve highlighted some safe and top-rated music-flavored hotels to make your trip as easy and rewarding as possible. I’ve stayed, eaten and drank in all the places I talk about and traipsed every street been in every venue mentioned and ridden every bus train and taxi recommended.

So let’s start where it all started. The Beatles!


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