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Bands I would most DEF see at Coachella 2011

By: Ben Clark

Wow! What a lineup this year for Coachella! I would have LOVED to go. But I think Lolla will be my festival this year. Nevertheless, here's my list of bands I would most definitely see (and why) at Coachella 2011. Also get a sample of each artists' sound. YES, THIS BLOG IS FULLY-EQUIPPED WITH MUSIC SAMPLES!!!!!



(in order of names as I saw them on the lineup list)

1) A-Trak : When I hear DJ stuff, sampling is always my jam. A-Trak is one of those artists that I really like, but own no music of. However, if I got the chance to see him live I would find that amazing and love every bit of it. Check out his awesome remix of "Bounce" by MSTRKRFT:

2) Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears : I wanna kick myself in the noggin for not seeing this show when I attended Lollapalooza 2008, but I didn't even know about em. I have their "Tell 'Em What Your Name Is!" Album and heard their newest album through a fellow music-lover: LOVED it! I will soon be purchasing that CD as well as many others. (gotta wait for the next big paycheck) ANYWAY, I hear Black Joe puts on quite the show and I would absolutely love to see some groovy funk/soul any day!

3) Boys Noize : I gotta be honest, I love Boys Noize to death, but without any vocal sampling, it starts to get monotonous. However, seeing this show LIVE would be the best time ever! Talk about a fun dance party to some electronica music!


4) Cee Lo Green : I hear mixed reviews on his live show, but I like a hand full of his music and thought his performance with Gweneth Paltrow at the Grammys was pretty impressive—plus I liked the colors and wardrobe choices. There's not many better things than seeing a big black man play the piano dressed like a peacock.

5) Cut Copy : I first saw these guys perform on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon if my memory serves correctly. I liked em and I think they'd probably be a fun show to see. I don't know if I'd buy their music or not, though. I'm still on the fence with that. If another show (listed here) overlapped, I'd probably have to sacrifice seeing these guys.

6) The Aquabats! : OH MY GOD I've been dying to see these guys for ages! They never come down anywhere close to Nashville [quite annoying if you ask me]. I've only seen videos of live performances, but I have most if not all of their music on my iTunes. One of the first ska bands I got into... JUST. COOL.


7) The Black Keys : I've seen these guys twice, but I'd watch em 10 more times, no problem. I was a little iffy on the new album, but I've grown to like it. Overall, they are one of my favorites to listen to and see live and I would recommend to anyone to see them!

8) Cage the Elephant : I have only heard/know songs that have come up on Pandora by them, but every song I've heard is pretty fun and I would enjoy seeing them for sure!

9) Mumford & Sons : I saw these guys when they came through Nashville a little while ago. I only knew their hit song "Little Lion Man" at the time. After I saw them live, my girlfriend and I really got hooked! That whole CD is rather amazing. Their live performance is probably even better. Check out what American Music Channel had to say about their Nashville show here! (photo by Kelsey Naville)

10) Scissor Sisters : "I Don't Feel Like Dancing" makes me want to do the exact opposite. These guys are TOPS. Their new sound is okay, although I can't deny that I much prefer the nearly bubblegum pop sound they used to have. Never seen them either, but would LOVE to!

11) The Kills : I'm going to be honest here, too. I don't listen to these guys at all, but I have heard a couple of songs and I also hear them blowing up on Twitter all the time. So, I'm convinced these guys are pretty amazing. I'd definitely go check em out. I may eventually buy their CD.

12) CSS : I actually saw CSS in 2007, before I really knew anything other than their song "Music is My Hot Hot Sex" from that Apple commercial at the time. I was formally introduced less than a year ago and boy are they fun! They have a little bit of a range of styles through their music, but I like em all. I'd definitely like to see them again.

13) Death From Above 1979 : This show would DEFINITELY be on the top of my list! One of the best albums of all time (seriously. all time.) in my opinion is "You're a Woman, I'm a Machine". Even the remix album is hella crazy good! I've never gotten the privilege to have my face melted off by DFA, but that would be FAN-(...wait for it...)-TASTIC!!

14) Duck Sauce : Just watch this video and tell me you don't want to see them, too.

15) Foster the People : These guys have recently been a favorite new artist for me. They are amazing! I will hopefully be seeing them as they come through Nashville in the coming months. They just finished a tour with another great artist, GROUPLOVE.


16) fun. : I'm back and forth on these guys, but I know that I would enjoy their live performance. I also feel like they are better-known than they really are. No one has heard of them and it's shocking! I figured they'd be huge by now.

17) Lightning Bolt : Ah, yes. Get a little nuts at this show. This is about as close to noise as I can stand—actually I love it. They are actually very talented musicians. The bass player has a banjo string in place of his G string to get that crazy awesome sound they have. Here's my favorite song of theirs:


The "maybe list" consists of these artists:

!!! : They are okay, music-wise, but they put on one hell of a performance, theatrically speaking.

Cold War Kids : I saw them once before and their live show didn't impress me in the slightest. Although, people say I need to revisit them, so I may/may not see them again.

Flogging Molly : Love their music, annoyed at the show. NOT because they didn't perform or play well, but the crowd was just all about moshing, even to their slower songs. Get outta here! I recommend standing off in the corner if you want to actually enjoy this show.

The New Pornographers : I will listen to these guys and forget what the sound like just hours later. I can't remember if I like them or not. But I think I'd give em a shot for playing a good live show.

The Strokes : Not diggin the new sound so much, but I like a lot of their older stuff, so I'd actually probably see them.

Don't get me wrong, this list doesn't mean that the other bands (not mentioned) are not worth looking into. They are bands I am not completely familiar with—although I intend to do my homework. I hear some good things about some of the bands on this lineup. Check back this week for updates on my thoughts about these other artists—and also to see who's up in line to becoming the next big name!

Ben Clark is from Nashville, TN. He's no writer, but graphic design and illustration is totally his jam. He absolutely loves Christmas - a lot (primarily Santa Claus), believes that waffles are far better than pancakes, and enjoys good music (also to share it). So, lucky you.

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