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By: Emily J Ramey

Rating: 3 of 5 stars

In 2007, Colbie Caillat won us over with “Bubbly.”  Her natural ease and beauty, her subtle confidence and smooth, sprightly tunes placed her at the top of the music charts and in every teenage girl’s summer playlist.  Breakthrough, however, falls short. Don’t get me entirely wrong: Breakthrough is brimming with charming, sunny tunes about the various stages of puppy love.  If Caillat’s audience is looking for progress, they’ll be sorely disappointed; however, most of Colbie’s fans will probably be completely content with a compilation of sugary ballads and crush confessions.

Caillat’s rich, rosy mezzo-soprano is as enchanting as it ever was; the light acoustic nature of her songs compliments the timbre of her honeyed vocals splendidly. The two best songs are the ones that stand out from the rest as particularly catchy: well-paced, wide-ranged “Begin Again” and the melodic ballad “I Never Told You.” Refreshingly, “Breakin’ at the Cracks” seems less refined and practically raw, as if we’re almost seeing real emotion from Colbie Caillat.  This last track is enough to prove that Caillat has the potential to be a true songwriter.  Let’s just hope her coming undertakings explore unfamiliar territory, as opposed to the “Bubbly” road she has taken us down again and again.


Emily J Ramey is a burgeoning young music writer, living and working in Nashville, TN. Her background includes journalism classes at New York University and a Music Business degree from Belmont University. Check out her blog at


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By : Andrew Vaughan

As the whole world begins to focus on The United Kingdoms capital city the evangelical music fan in me has ben reminded of the feature I wrote here a couple of years ago on a few of London’s rock and roll hotels. A lot of questions followed, mostly music fans and tourists wanting more specific information.

So, with the Olympics here and with thousands of you heading to London for the sports fiesta, this American based “Londoner” doesn’t want anyone to miss out on a huge opportunity to discover some of London’s greatest musical landmarks. So the next few Music City 411 blogs are going to see me waxing lyrical about the music heritage of my hometown. And for anyone visiting for the first time and wanting to spend some time exploring London’s musical history I’ve highlighted some safe and top-rated music-flavored hotels to make your trip as easy and rewarding as possible. I’ve stayed, eaten and drank in all the places I talk about and traipsed every street been in every venue mentioned and ridden every bus train and taxi recommended.

So let’s start where it all started. The Beatles!


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