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Brian Godding

Born: August 19 1945

Brian Godding

Brian Godding (born 19 August 1945, Monmouth, South Wales) is a pop, rock and jazz guitarist. He was brought up, and has mostly lived, in London.

He has been a member of many rock, jazz and progressive rock bands, such as The Gravediggers, The Ingoes, Blossom Toes, B. B. Blunder, Solid Gold Cadillac, Magma, Centipede, The Mike Westbrook Orchestra and Full Monte.

As session or guest musician, he appeared on Julie Driscoll's 1969 album, Reg King's solo album, three albums by Kevin Coyne and Andrew Leigh's Magician album, as well as A Wish for a Season by Kind Hearts & English.

Godding is the brother-in-law of Julie Driscoll (now Julie Tippetts).
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