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Come Inside

Formed: August 22 1996

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Come Inside

Come Inside is a Finnish glam rock, brit pop and indie rock band founded in 1996 at the Alppila Senior High in Helsinki, Finland. Though Sippola writes the band's lyrics in fluent English, the band remains mostly unknown outside of Finland, where they had several top-20 records.

The band comprised Mikko Sippola (vocals), Junnu Alajuuma (guitar), Sampsa Kaukua (guitar), Jotti Taival (bass) and Oskari "Ose" Vilmunen (drums), who first met each other in the aforementioned high school and subsequently decided to form a band. According to their own words, their first-hand contact to music was playing e.g. "Rage Against the Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hendrix and Stevie Wonder" together.

Later, during the recording sessions for their second album Fearless, guitarist Kaukua left the band and was replaced by Matti Salovaara (guitar). Around the same time, the band's sound was further augmented by Junnu's little brother Ville (keyboards).