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Pick Withers

Born: April 4 1948
Born in: Leicester, England

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Pick Withers

David "Pick" Withers (born 4 April 1948 in Leicester) is an English rock and jazz drummer. He was the original drummer for the rock band Dire Straits and played on their first four albums, which included hit singles such as "Sultans of Swing," "Romeo and Juliet" and "Private Investigations."

Withers first played a drum in the Boys Brigade taught by a childhood friend Richard Storer of now knocked-down Argyle Street in Leicester. He became a professional musician at the age of 17, in a band called the Primitives, followed by a band called Spring who had a record contract but little success. They recorded one album on the RCA label. In the mid-1970s he was a house drummer at Rockfield Studios in South Wales. He played on records by Dave Edmunds and Hobo amongst others, including the John Dummer Band, Magna Carta, and the Gary Fletcher Band.

His nickname has been subject to some variations in spelling. During his time with Spring, he was billed as Pique Withers. He is billed as Pic Withers on his appearance on the second Brewers Droop album.

Pick has also studied at Drumtech drum school in London.