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Spooncurve is an experimental alternative music act from the United Kingdom composed of Faye Rochelle{vocalist} and Martin Lee Stephenson, which has evolved over time from an early trip hop act to become associated with "shoegaze" ambient and/or gothic music.

Faye Rochelle has been involved with albums featuring Kuljit Bhamra, Steafan Hannigan {Peter Gabriel, Afro Celt Sound System] Nigel Eaton {Page and Plant} Ray Hearn and other notable musicians across the World music and experimental.electronica music genres.

Martin Lee Stephenson has produced and played on various recordings including Moondogg {Westworld, Generation X,The Damned members}, Kuljit Bhamra, Patricia Kass, Koan, Eric Mingus, Pigface, Muslimgauze, Doppler 20:20, Law and Auder. and various others, again across the experimental/World music genres.

The act have appeared on Copasetic Records, Quirky, DScript, Better records and DOR, also various tracks with 3MV, Squat and Law and Order. Spooncurve recorded a mini album for better records in 1997.

The following artists have remixed Spooncurve's work: Muslimgauze, Pearl, Friends Lovers and Family, Tasha Killer Pussies, DJ Hustler, Future Forces, Doppler 20:20, Apollon, Hopa, Funkturm, Moondogg. Faye Rochelle and Stephenson appeared on "So?" by Oyster, a track released on Law and Order's "Avant-gardism" compilation, along with Spooncurve's "Pray for my soul" in 1997.
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