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Born: August 21 1980
  • danish
  • palestinian
  • rap


Mohamed Marwan (in Arabic محمد مروان) better known as just Marwan (born 1980) is a Danish-Palestinian rapper. Formerly known as SLP (Statsløs Palæstinenser, literally Stateless Palestinian), he also belongs to the Aarhus crew Pimp-A-Lot.

He has been writing rap songs since 2000 and starred, among other things, Pimp-A-Lot releases "Uden om systemet" in 2001 and "I er selv uden om det" in 2003.

Marwan released his debut album P.E.R.K.E.R. on the Danish indie record label Tabu Records. The album was produced by Tabu Records Lounge Lizzard and Marwan's main producer, Abu Malek. He followed it up in 2011 with the album Mennesker on the same label.

He is now in Full Impact Productions (F.I.P.) or Full Impact Productions Gangsta Clique (F.I.P.G.C.)