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Sparx is an American New Mexico music band. The band is composed of the four Sanchez sisters Verónica, Rosamaria, Kristyna and Carolina. Their brother Lorenzo Antonio is also a renowned singing artist in his own right. They were known beginning with their childhood career, in the 1980s. In the 1990s they found fame in Mexico and most Latin American countries in addition to success in the United States. They recorded a variety of styles of songs including pop songs, as well as Latin classics, corridos, cumbias, ballads, and boleros. They had a comeback with joint albums as Lorenzo Antonio y Sparx.

They had their beginning taking part in a songwriting competition at the festival Juguemos a Cantar with the winning song "Vamos a Jugar". They appeared as "Lorenzo Antonio y Su Grupo" (Lorenzo Antonio and His Group).

The sisters came from a musical family. Their father Amador Sanchez was a musician, songwriter, and record producer known as Tiny Morrie who had a huge hit "Cartas Tristes". Their mother, Gloria Pohl, was a vocalist who has recorded two albums. Their grandmother was a concert producer in Albuquerque who produced shows by Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, and James Brown. Their uncle, Albert Sanchez was the lead singer and leader of the band Bandido and a renowned musician known as Al Hurricane dubbed Godfather of New Mexico Music. An added member of the band was their uncle Gabriel, known as Baby Gaby, and later, Al's son Al Hurricane Jr.

Many of their songs have hit the top 10 on Billboards Latin charts. The band has also been nominated for Billboard awards and the Lo Nuestro Award for Pop Group or Duo of the Year at the 7th Lo Nuestro Awards.

Sparx members and their brother Lorenzo Antonio are very much involved in charity through Sparx Lorenzo Antonio Foundation. Since 2001, date of its establishment, the foundation distributes college scholarships for New Mexico high school students.