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New Waver

New Waver is an Australian satirical musical project, the brainchild of Greg Wadley. New Waver grew out of one of Wadley's prior projects, a zine named Loser, and shares the same pessimistic outlook, underwritten with Darwinism. New Waver's music consists of electronic elements (from synthesizers, samplers and drum machines), along with samples from TV nature programmes, advertisements and audio books by the likes of Richard Dawkins, selectively chosen to reinforce the bleak, fatalistic message, coupled with dark humour. The New Waver world view extends the survival of the fittest theory to the social ladder present in modern urban/suburban culture. New Waver's songs feature both covers/parodies of well-known songs with lyrics altered to reflect New Waver's world view, as well as instrumentals populated with samples and loops.

The term "New Waver" is 1980s-vintage pejorative Queensland slang for a male who is interested in music, rather than football, and thus deserving of harassment or violence.

"New Waver" also became a term for those who were fans of new wave music throughout the decade of the 1980s.

There is an interview with Wadley in the first How to Make Trouble and Influence People book.