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Formed: September 22 1996




Tuesday was a pop punk band formed by three ex-members of Chicago ska punk band Slapstick after the latter's breakup in 1996. The band's initial line-up consisted of Dan Andriano (bass/vocals), Matt Stamps (guitar), and Rob Kellenberger (drums/vocals). They released a demo on 1133 in 1996, before releasing an EP, titled Early Summer, on Asian Man Records in 1997. Later in the year, they acquired a second guitarist, Tyler Wiseman, and released their first and only album, Freewheelin. Following a tour of U.S. in support of the album, the band broke up. Shortly thereafter, Andriano joined Alkaline Trio.

Kellenberger went on to play drums with Duvall, Colossal, and briefly for the reunited Smoking Popes. Wiseman went on to play with The Honor System and Whale|Horse.
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