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Soul for Real

Formed: July 26 1992


  • hip hop rnb and dance hall

Soul for Real

Soul for Real (also known as Soul 4 Real and Soul IV Real) is an R&B group from Wheatley Heights, New York, currently living in Atlanta, Georgia made up of brothers Christopher Sherman Dalyrimple a.k.a. Choc (born April 30, 1973), Andre "Dre" Lamont Dalyrimple a.k.a. KD now (born April 4, 1974), Brian "Bri" Augustus Dalyrimple (born December 14, 1975), and Jason "Jase" Oliver Dalyrimple a.k.a. Jase4Real (born May 10, 1980).

The group were best known in the mid-1990s for their gold-certified singles Candy Rain (song) and "Every Little Thing I Do" from their platinum selling debut album Candy Rain.
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