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Domenico Mazzocchi

Born: October 17 1592

Domenico Mazzocchi

Domenico Mazzocchi (1592 – 21 January 1665 in Veja, now ?Vejano, baptised in nearby Cività Castellana, in Lazio region's Viterbo Province) was an Italian Baroque composer of only vocal music, of the generation after Claudio Monteverdi.

He was a learned Roman lawyer, studied music with Giovanni Maria Nanino ('Nanini'), also in Rome, and entered the service of cardinal Ippolito Aldobrandini in 1621.

He is associated with providing music for the popes, particularly Cardinal Maffeo Barberini, later Pope Urban VIII, until Domenico's death in Rome on January 21, 1665.

His younger brother, Virgilio Mazzocchi, was a less notable Roman composer and had a similar career as a Vatican music provider.
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