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Turun filharmoninen orkesteri

The Turku Philharmonic Orchestra (Finnish: Turun Filharmoninen Orkesteri) is a Finnish orchestra based in Turku, Finland. The oldest orchestra in Finland, the Turku Philharmonic is resident at the Turku Concert Hall, the first purpose-built concert hall in Finland, completed in 1952.

The orchestra was founded in 1790 under the name Turun Soitannollinen Seura (Musical Society of Turku). In 1927, the municipality of Turku took ownership of the ensemble, with Tauno Hannikainen as the orchestra's first chief conductor under municipal management. The orchestra roster currently numbers 74 musicians.

Since January 2012, the orchestra's principal conductor is Leif Segerstam. The orchestra's current resident composer is Mikko Heiniö.

The orchestra released its first commercial recording in 1979. It has since recorded commercially for such labels as Ondine, Finlandia, and Naxos. With Segerstam, the orchestra has released a series of albums for Naxos of the music of Jean Sibelius. The orchestra began to release monthly streaming videos of selected concerts in September 2016.