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The High

Formed: August 20 1987
  • alternative rock
  • baggy
  • madchester

The High

The High are an English rock group from Manchester, who combine the late 60's style pop and psyche guitar sound.

The first incarnation of band (1989-1993) were signed to London Records.

The High reformed in early 2015, with John Matthews and Andy Couzens the only original members; they are joined by Tony Meehan (bass), Jack Couzens (drums), and Richard Thomas (keyboards).

The new line-up headlined at the "Gigantic" Festival in Manchester at the Academy 2 on 23 May 2015, as their comeback gig and have played a number of headline shows since.

The band has also been writing and recording new material, and in June 2016 released their first single for 25 years. 'Kiss The Sun' on their own label Thin Line Productions.

Warner Brothers re-released their debut album Somewhere Soon in June 2016, and a long awaited album is due for release in early 2017.

In 2016 the new drummer Jack Couzens left due to schedule clashes and was succeeded by Scott Parkinson.