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Born: May 21 1985
Born in: Paris, France

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Bastien Vincent (born in Paris on 21 May 1985) and better known as Maska is a French rapper with his own solo materials. In addition, he is one of eight members of the French rap / hip hop group Sexion d'Assaut and its only white member. His tracks have appeared in a number of releases by Sexion d'Assaut, more particularly in 3ème Prototype that includes in addition to Maska, rappers Adams Diallo, Lefa, Maître Gims, L.I.O., JR O Chrome. He also appeared in Les Chroniques du Wati Boss. He has had a number of hit singles, street music videos and is preparing his album Espace Temps due later in 2014. It will include "Prie pour moi" in collaboration with Maître Gims being Maska's most successful track in the French charts to date.

Originating from Lozère, he grew up in 9ème arrondissement in Paris describing his family as having very modest means although living in a rich neighborhood. At school, he met Barack Adama, a future member of Sexion d'Assaut and they became friends. He spent many sleepless nights at his parents' house with his friends to write and rap. He admits that he was involved in petty thefts in his youth, and at high school, he smoked and sold cannabis. After encountering a near death situation in a feud, he consecrated himself to writing lyrics and rapping. He was known among his friends with various nicknames like le "Blanc", "La Tâche". Maska converted to Islam in his adolescence choosing the name Souleyman.