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Spirituál kvintet

Spirituál kvintet is a Czech folk band formed in 1960 by Jiří Tichota and others. Its importance for the Czech public can be compared with the Weavers for the US. They are widely considered one of the best and most important Czech folk bands, and the official page of the Czech Republic states that "Spirituál Kvintet with Irena Budweiserová are a legendary outfit combining spirituals with the folk tradition, while Vaclav Koubek has tailored his informal songs for a barroom band."

Their album Šlapej dál (1985) sold more than 130,000 copies.

The current members of the band are Jiří Tichota, Zdena Tichotová, Veronika Součková, Dušan Vančura, Jiří Cerha, and Jiří Holoubek.

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