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Piero Pelù

Piero Pelù (born 10 February 1962) is an Italian singer and songwriter, best known for his work with the Italian band Litfiba. He was born in Florence.

In July 1999, Pelù quit Litfiba. In 2000, he released his first solo album Né buoni né cattivi. In 2002, his duet with an Indonesian popstar, Anggun, entitled "L'amore immaginato" reached No.1 in the National Italian Airplay Charts for over two months. In 2009, Back in Litfiba with historical founder Ghigo Renzulli. In 2013, he appeared as one of the four judges on The Voice of Italy.

In December 2016, during Italy's constitutional referendum, Pelù doubted the lawfulness of the pencils, since they could be easily deleted on a piece of normal paper, while they could not be deleted from the paper used to vote.
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