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Jamie Isaac

Jamie Isaac (born Tom Cully), July 2, 1994, is a London-based singer and producer, born and raised in Croydon. Signed to House Anxiety / Marathon Artists, Jamie's debut EP, I Will Be Cold Soon, attracted attention for its near-choral incantations, minimalist jazz tones and post-rock layering. Jamie has been praised for utilising the power of silence with experimental and enveloping swaggering beats and his self-aware lyrics. His second EP, Blue Break, gained recognition for its soulful, piano-led sound. Featuring Jamie in The Guardian's New Music, Michael Cragg praised "Blue Break" for "favouring space and atmosphere over production histrionics".

In the run up to the release of his forthcoming debut album (out via House Anxiety / Marathon Artists), Isaac presented the 'Loose Grip' Mixtape, a series of remixes of tracks taken from the album featuring collaborations with Rejjie Snow, King Krule under the moniker Edgar The Beatmaker, Jesse James, Jadasea, Black Mack, and Mr Malarky.