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Rosin Coven


Rosin Coven

Rosin Coven is a theatrical music ensemble based in San Francisco, USA.

Rosin Coven's sound can be described as part of the Dark Cabaret movement, with strong jazz, rock, lounge, theatre and klezmer influences, amongst others. Most all of their music performed is original, with very occasional covers. For lack of a suitable genre, they came up with "Pagan Lounge Music," based on a mock business card that a friend created and handed to them at their very first backyard gig in Berkeley, California.

The band has become popular amongst many San Francisco subcultures, the most notable being devotees of the Edwardian Ball, a mini-festival based on the works of author/illustrator Edward Gorey and the Edwardian Era. They are also well known within the Burning Man crowd, having performed many times at the desert festival and at the San Francisco event known as Decompression.

Rosin Coven initially formed as a trio in San Francisco in 1996, and has performed regularly in the San Francisco area continuously ever since. They have made three albums: Penumbra, Live in the Pagan Lounge, and Menagerie.