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Don Kerr


Don Kerr

Don Kerr is a Canadian multi-instrumentalist and record producer.

He is the drummer, lead singer and front man of Toronto band Communism, founded in 2014. He was a member of Rheostatics from 1995 to May 2001. He plays in Ron Sexsmith's band, and sometimes with The Kelele Brothers. He and Sexsmith released an album together, Destination Unknown, in 2005. He has also played with and mixed for The Hidden Cameras, Minotaurs, BidiniBand and Bahamas.

He attended the 2005 Juno Awards and sang a Christmas song on The Vinyl Cafe.

He and Canadian writer Claudia Dey married in 2005, and they have one son. They live in Toronto, Ontario.

He formed a creative partnership with Kevin Lacroix in 2010 called Alphalpha Male.