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Twenty 4 Seven

Twenty 4 Seven is a Dutch Eurodance music project, formed in 1989 by producers Ruud van Rijen and Tony Dawson Harrison. The project is most notable for being the first European dance music group to achieve mainstream success with blending female singing choruses with traditional male raps. The group's ground breaking hits ('I Can't Stand It", "Are You Dreaming?") and their debut album ("Street Moves") were massive successes in the UK and The Netherlands. The singles later grew to become Top 5 hits in Europe. After major changes in the group's lineup, the project transitioned into a more mainstream Eurodance sound in 1993 with the hit single "Slave to the Music", the project's most commercially successful single to date. Today the project is fronted by rapper Stacey "Stay-C" Seedorf and singer Li Ann.
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