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The Henrys

Formed: August 21 1994

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The Henrys

The Henrys is a Toronto-based, "nearly instrumental" quartet. Their music features the sound of an antique slide guitar called a Kona (and other slide guitars), along with various other instruments: conch shell, quarter-tone trumpet, chordette, drums, sonar zombie, steel drums, and many more. The band has been performing for 18 years, with concerts around the world, including the Sweetwaters Music Festival in New Zealand, the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands, South by Southwest in Austin, Texas, Toronto's Harbourfront Centre and many others. They headlined at New York City's famous The Bottom Line in 1998.

The band consists of leader Don Rooke along with Toronto musicians David Piltch, Jorn Anderson, Michael White, John Sheard and Hugh Marsh, with guest vocals supplied by Mary Margaret O'Hara, Becca Stevens, Gregory Hoskins, Martina Sorbara, Michelle Willis, and Jessie Coutts

The Henrys have produced five albums, which have received critical acclaim from international sources for their originality, skill and unique arrangements. Don Rooke's various acoustic slide guitars "provide him with a range of throaty, atmospheric sounds, and the basis for a meditative slide style"

The Henrys released their sixth album, Quiet Industry, on June 11, 2015.