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Leo Watson

Born: February 27 1898


  • death by pneumonia

Leo Watson

Leo Watson (February 27, 1898 – May 2, 1950) was an American jazz vocalese singer, drummer, trombonist and tiple player born in Kansas City, Missouri, perhaps best known as a band member of The Spirits of Rhythm, which included guitarist Teddy Bunn. Watson also worked briefly with a variety of big bands, including those of Gene Krupa, Artie Shaw and Jimmy Mundy.

Watson also provided the voice for Prince Chawmin' in the infamous Censored Eleven cartoon Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs (directed by Bob Clampett, 1943). However, he went uncredited in that cartoon because of primary voice artist Mel Blanc's contract agreement for solo credit. In a 1969 Funnyworld interview conducted by Michael Barrier and Milton Gray, Bob Clampett recalled Watson's name erroneously as Zoot Watson; thus, Leo Watson himself went uncredited for his work in the cartoon for almost forty more years. Finally, Australian voice artist and animation historian Keith Scott discovered his name correctly in the Warner Bros. Archives.