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Trond Granlund

Born: July 29 1950
Born in: Oslo, Norway

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Trond Granlund

Trond Granlund (born in Oslo, Norway on 29 July 1950) is a Norwegian rock and folk singer, composer and guitarist.

Granlund grew up on Torshov and Manglerud in Oslo, and has lived in Lørenskog since 1968. Granlund started performing in 1973 releasing the independent Rock album. He released his debut solo self-titled album Trond Granlund in 1976 and has been prolific in releasing of albums. Until the mid-1990s, most output by Granlund was in English, but with the album Tida er'e ingen som kan snu in 1995, he started to release albums almost exclusively in Norwegian.

His autobiographical album På vei til rock 'n roll (meaning On the road to rock'n'roll) was released in 2001. An autobiographical book was published in 2012 titled and his next book coming time, the Council in 2007. [Needs updating] In 2012 he published his book Sanger jeg lærte av mamma og pappa (meaning Songs I learned from my mom and dad).
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