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Born in: São Paulo, Brazil


Fortuna is a Brazilian female singer-songwriter of Sephardic Jewish background, and a researcher of the Sephardic tradition since 1992.

Fortuna, whose stage name is Fortunee Safdié Joyce (born in São Paulo, Brazil, c. 1958), is a Brazilian singer and composer of Jewish origin. She has been studying the Sephardic repertoire since 1992. Fortuna has recorded seven CDs and one DVD since then. She has worked on a number of occasions with the Choir of the Monastery of the Monks of St Benedict in São Paulo, and with the Guri Choir, composed of children and adolescents in the city.

Fortuna sings mainly in Hebrew and Ladino, a language used by Sephardi Jews who inhabited the Iberian Peninsula until the fifteenth century, at which time they were expelled by the Catholic Monarchs and scattered through several countries of the Mediterranean basin.