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Transsylvania Phoenix (also known as Phoenix in Romania) is a Romanian rock band formed in 1962 in Timișoara by guitarists Nicu Covaci and Kamocsa Béla. Guitarist Claudiu Rotaru, vocalist Florin "Moni" Bordeianu and drummer Ioan "Pilu" Ştefanovici completed the early lineup. The group became famous in Romania in the 1970s when it started fusing their 1960s rock and roll sound with traditional folk music, thus pioneering the "ethno rock" subgenre.

After gaining popularity in Romania during the so-called British invasion in the mid-60s, Phoenix were banned from performing and recording in 1970 when, on his last concert as a group member before emigrating to the United States, vocalist Florin "Moni" Bordeianu made derogatory remarks about Nicolae Ceauşescu's regime and its approach to western music. The group would reach legend-status amongst Romanians in 1977 when they illegally fled to West Germany, exposing themselves to risks such as being arrested by Ceauşescu's Securitate. They have been estimated to have sold over 2 million albums in Romania.