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Hamish Kilgour


Hamish Kilgour

Hamish Kilgour is a New Zealand musician notable for founding The Clean along with his brother David in 1978. He later moved to New York City and formed The Mad Scene in the early 1990s.

His first solo album, "All of It and Nothing," was released on Ba Da Bing Records on September 16, 2014.

Kilgour formed The Mad Scene with guitarist/bassist Lisa Siegel. They released an EP Falling Over, Spilling Over in 1992 on NYC indie label Homestead Records. Hamish's former label, New Zealand's Flying Nun, released the band's debut album A Trip Thru Monsterland in 1993. After some personnel changes the band signed to Merge Records and their second album Sealight was released in 1996.

Kilgour later worked with Gary Hunt, formerly with Gary Havoc & The Hurricanes and the Terrorways. They worked together in Tiny Ruins.

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