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Trygve Hoff

Born: July 7 1938
Born in: Rognan, Norway
  • composer
  • norwegian

Trygve Hoff

Trygve Henrik Hoff (7 July 1938 – 2 December 1987), born in Rognan, Nordland, was a Norwegian singer, composer, songwriter, and writer. He was a teacher at Buskerud folkehøgskole (Heimtun) for many years when he lived in Darbu, Øvre Eiker. For some time, Trygve Hoff was the conductor of Berlevåg Mannsangforening.

Hoff was born and raised in Rognan, Nordland. His work as a writer and artist showed an appreciation of his roots, and he found inspiration for his texts from his home in Northern Norway. Hoff was awarded the Nordland fylkes kulturpris (Nordland County Culture award) posthumously in 1988.

The newspaper Nordlys and the television channel NRK named Hoff's Snart gryr en dag as the best North Norwegian compilation albums of all time. Hoff's songs often depicted the way of living in Northern Norway. He described the women working in the fish fillet industry in Jentan på fileten, and wrote several songs for other artists. Hoff toured Northern Norway frequently.

"Har en drøm" and "Ei hand å holde i" are songs that were given to Jørn Hoel, and were major hits in Norway. Sissel Kyrkjebø's debut record Sissel contains five songs written by Trygve Hoff: Tenn et lys, I ditt smil» and «Dagen gryr» (composed by Svein Gundersen) as well as Inn til deg (composed by Lars Muh) and «Det skal lyse en sol» (composed by Lasse Holm). "Trygve Hoff's shows are characterized by an unvarnished joy of life."

Trygve Hoff had three children: Ståle, Stig Henrik, and Siv Elisabeth. Ståle Hoff was, like Trygve, a skilled musician. He contributed to several of his father's recordings, and together with Terje Blickfeldt, he composed «Folk e så bra». Stig Henrik Hoff and Siv Elisabeth Hoff are well-established actors. Trygve Hoff was buried at Fiskum Church.