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Troublemakers are a Swedish punk band originally formed in Gothenburg in 1981 with members from Perverts (they often play "Ronka" by Perverts live) and Göteborg Sound. After a while the band split up in 1991, but reformed in 1995. The band has been described as "kukrock" and compared with a runaway express train.

Members are (or have been) are Christer Blomgren (vocals), Arild “Psychobilly” Hanssen (guitar), Christian “Elvis” Odin (bass), Charlie Claeson (drums), Martin Hansson (drums), Jens Petersson (bass), Lars-Olof “LOB” Bengtsson (guitar), Dennis Johansson (bass), Jan Olof “Esso” Olsson (drums) and Anders Puke (bass).

In 2010 Troublemakers won first prize in the punk/hardcore category at Manifest for their album Made in Sweden.
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