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Jossie Esteban y La Patrulla 15

Jossie Esteban y la Patrulla 15 is a leading merengue band from Dominican Republic, formed by Jossie Esteban (born Esteban Grullón) and Alberto Martínez (known as Ringo).

The group was formed by these Dominican childhood friends in May 1979, and included musicians from Puerto Rico, but mostly Dominican Republic. Their debut album El Cuchu Cu Cha was a hit, and since then they have recorded more than 20 records, winning awards such as “the gold congo” in Colombia, “orchestra of the year” in New York, and a number of platinum discs. Some of their hit songs are "Agua de Coco" (Coconut Water), "Pirulo", "El Can" (The Party), "Un hombre busca una mujer" (a man looks for a woman), "Enamoraito" (love-struck) etc.

Since 1992 Jossie Esteban has also been part of the successful merengue threesome Zona Roja.

Mr. Esteban is a born-again Christian.
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