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Étoile de Dakar

Étoile de Dakar (“Star of Dakar”) were a leading music group of Senegal in the 1970s.

The group was formed in 1979 by Badu Ndjai and members of the Star Band, one of Dakar's best known nightclub house bands of the 1970s. Leading the group allowed N'Dour to launch his career as Senegal's first pop star, and after he relocated to Paris in 1983 and Étoile de Dakar broke up, he continued calling his band Super Étoile de Dakar.

Playing the Latin-influenced dance music that was popular throughout Africa at the time, Étoile de Dakar quickly became one of the city's most popular bands and went on to record in Paris with producer Ibrahim Sylla and had a track on the Island Records compilation Sound d’Afrique, which was important in bringing African music to western ears in 1981.