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740 Boyz

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740 Boyz

740 Boyz is a Dominican-American dance music group founded in 1991, by Winston Rosa aka BIG WIN from New York City.

BIG WIN worked with several singers including Shaggy and DJ Jazzy Jay. While working in a studio called INS Studios in New York City, he met Rafael Vargas aka Dose Material. Dose Material has been included in the group 2 In A Room.

Their first single, "Shimmy Shake", was successful in France (#2 in late 1995) and Belgium, while it had a little success on the British, German and U.S. charts. A few months later, the second single "Bump Bump (Booty Shake)" was released ; it peaked at #14 in France and achieved a minor success in other European countries, including Belgium and the Netherlands.

In 2003, The Porn Kings vs. Flip & Fill featuring 740 Boyz, reached #28 in the UK Singles Chart with "Shake Ya Shimmy".
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