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Levitation were an English psychedelic rock band, formed in 1990 in London. The band consisted of frontman Terry Bickers (formerly guitarist with The House of Love), drummer David Francolini, guitarist Christian Hayes, bassist Laurence O'Keefe and keyboardist Robert White.

Bickers announced his departure from the band onstage at Tufnell Park Dome in north London on 14 May 1993. The release of the band's already completed second album Meanwhile Gardens was shelved. The band enlisted former Some Have Fins frontman Steve Ludwin to replace Bickers, which saw a remixed version of the album with new vocals from Ludwin released in Australia the following year. The band split in October 1994, leaving their second album remaining unreleased. Hayes, Francolini and O'Keefe regrouped in 1996 to form Dark Star. They released Twenty Twenty Sound in 1999 before disbanding in 2001.
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