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Maso Yamazaki (山崎マゾ, Yamazaki Maso), better known by his stage name Masonna, is a Japanese noise musician. He was born Takushi Yamazaki (山崎卓志, Yamazaki Takushi) on November 16, 1966 in Miyazu, Kyoto, Japan.

Masonna (マゾンナ) was started in 1987 in Osaka as Maso Yamazaki's noise project. The name is a combination of the Japanese words Maso (マゾ, Masochist) and Onna (女, Woman). It is also a pun on the name of the pop singer Madonna. The name is sometimes rendered as an acronym for Mademoiselle Anne Sanglante Ou Notre Nymphomanie Auréolé (血まみれのアンヌ嬢・若しくは・我等がニンフォマニアが・後光に包まれる) or Mystic Another Selection Of Nurses Naked Anthology.

Maso also performs as Space Machine using vintage analog synthesizers. He has performed with the psychedelic rock groups Christine 23 Onna (with Fusao Toda of Angel'in Heavy Syrup), which then became Acid Eater with the additions two members, as well as the noise supergroup Bustmonster and the noise trio Flying Testicle.