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Pierre Tubbs

Pierre Tubbs (Pierre Richard Roman Tubbs) is a British songwriter, record producer and album sleeve designer. One of his biggest successes is "Right Back Where We Started From" recorded by Maxine Nightingale and used in the movie Slap Shot. He also co-wrote the J.J. Jackson 1966 hit "It's Alright", with Jackson, which reached #4 in the Billboard Hot 100, and "Come See Me", released by The Pretty Things.

In 1965, Tubbs recorded the band "the Silence" (pre-John's Children), which was not released at the time. In 1966, he was a producer at Strike Records where, under the pseudonym Peter Richards, he recorded and released Sophisticated Beggar, the first album by Roy Harper. In 1967, Tubbs became an A&R person. in the role of creative manager, for United Artists Records.

In 1999, a compilation album, Pierre's Plastic Dream - The Basement Tapes 1966-1968 was released by Market Square Records. The album contained performances by Our Plastic Dream, where Tubbs was the lead singer, The Silence, The Jeeps and The Owl. The album included two songs with J.J. Jackson and The Jeeps, including a version of "It's Alright". The album is described as "an extremely rare amazing range of musical style, from pop through R 'n' B and psychedelic".

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