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Spleen United

Spleen United

Spleen United is a Danish electronic rock band consisting of the brothers Bjarke (Vocals/Guitar) and Gaute Niemann (Bass/ Synth), Kasper Nørlund (Synth/Backing vocals), Rune Wehner (Synth) and Janus Nevel Ringsted (Drums). It was formed in Århus, Denmark in 2002.

The band's debut album Godspeed into the Mainstream was released in 2006. Their second album Neanderthal was released on 21 January 2008 and the singles were (in order) "My Tribe", "Suburbia", "66", and "Failure 1977". Surburbia is remixed by Juan Maclean and other remixers count VHS or BETA.

From 16 to 17 April 2010, Spleen United held a non-stop 24-hour improv session - from sunset to sunset. They put up a mini-site ( with a number of puzzles that, if solved, give you an exclusive premiere of a video, and more prizes.

On January 30th 2012, the band released their highly anticipated third album entitled School of Euphoria. The band itself states that it is the most poppy album released by them so far.

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