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Ross Macdonald

Born: December 13 1915
Born in: Los Gatos, California

Ross Macdonald

Ross Macdonald is the main pseudonym that was used by the American-Canadian writer of crime fiction Kenneth Millar (; December 13, 1915 – July 11, 1983). He is best known for his series of hardboiled novels set in southern California and featuring private detective Lew Archer.

The Lew Archer novels are widely recognized as some of the most significant American mystery books of the mid-20th century, bringing unprecedented levels of psychological insight and literary sophistication to the genre. John Leonard, longtime critic for The New York Times Book Review, declared that Macdonald had surpassed the limits of crime fiction to become "a major American novelist".

Brought up in Ontario, Canada, Macdonald eventually settled in California, where he died in 1983.