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Formed: August 23 1997


Rootjoose were a funk rock band from Cornwall. They purveyed a lively style of music reminiscent of surf rock bands such as contemporaries Reef, their live performances gained them some popularity in the South West of Britain during the late 1990s. Signed to Rage Records, the band released Rhubarb, their debut album, in 1997.

Band members Rob Elton, Jamie Crowe, Fez (James Hardaker) and Harry Collier achieved minor celebrity status in the South West and appeared on local and at one point national television with the band. Coming first in the national Battle of the Bands competition, an event sponsored by Capital Radio, the band performed at Earls Court.

Their most notable track - "Mr Fixit" - reached number 54 in the UK Singles Chart in August 1997. Other singles included "Can't Keep Living This Way", which made number 73 and "Long Way", which made number 68. Just as the band was tipped to break through into the mainstream, Rage (Rootjoose's record label) went bankrupt. The band was unable to secure a new recording contract, as the fashion at the time was for introspective indie music rather than their more upbeat style. The band broke up in 2001.

Collier later went on to form Kubb, who released their debut album, Mother, in 2005. Crowe and Elton went on to form the dance band Rairbirds.