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Turgun Alimatov

Born: January 20 1922
Born in: Tashkent, Uzbekistan

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Turgun Alimatov

Turgun Alimatov (Uzbek: Turgʻun Alimatov; 20 January 1922 – 17 December 2008) was one of the leading Uzbek classic music and shashmaqam player and composer of 20th century folk and classic music. He was a master performer of tanbur, dutar, and sato.

The musical community knows Alimatov first and foremost as a player of tanbur, dutar, and sato. He has found a new style and technique of performance on the dutar, sato, and tanbur which became popular around Uzbekistan, and his way of playing in these instruments is followed by many performers. Alimatov’s music is used in many Uzbek houses to put to sleep babies and kids, also in hospitals and treatment centers in Uzbekistan.