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Brook Pridemore

Brook Pridemore

Brook Pridemore (born in 1979 in Detroit, Michigan, United States) is a New York City-based songwriter, performer, and frontman, whose early work is affiliated with the antifolk movement. They released five albums on the Bronx-based record label Crafty Records, and was responsible for co-producing the much acclaimed Anticomp Folkilation album which has since become an underground cult classic.

A regular contributor to numerous other compilations, Brook Pridemore shared a split 7-inch with Ghost Mice for Plan-It-X Records. According to the music review blog their highly anticipated sixth album “Gory Details,” was released in late 2014. It includes the singles “Listening to TPM,” featuring Joseph Michelini of New Jersey indie/folk rock act River City Extension, and "Celestial Heaven". "Celestial Heaven" was recently picked up by Reug Vision, Inc / World Live Music & Distribution and debuted on VEVO in June 2013. Following the release of the record, Pridemore began touring consistently as well as playing in and around New York City near monthly.

Having lived in Kalamazoo, MI for years doing backyard shows and working dead-end jobs to pay for musical endeavors, Brook was known to sing about the things friends did, or that they saw while hanging out downtown, just for something to do.

BP has toured the United States numerous times and embarked on their first European tour in the fall of 2009. Due to experience playing many house shows on tour, Pridemore and their roommates were inspired to turn his own apartment into a performing venue for local antifolk acts and touring bands; they titled it the Brooklyn Tea Party. January 2010 saw the commencement of the Multinational Perspiration Tour, an undertaking on which Pridemore, with tandem partners including The Hit and Miss Engines, Doug Cote, Liv Carrow, Crazy and the Brains and Father, Son and Holy Smokes, performed across the US, Canada, and various European countries before the tour ended in New York on June 19, 2010.

From 2010-14, Pridemore lay low in their adopted hometown of Brooklyn, NY. A fifth album, Brook Pridemore's Gory Details, the self-described "album about sex," was recorded in summer 2011. The album remained unreleased until July 2015. On November 11, 2011 Pridemore played a ninety minute solo set at New York's Sidewalk Cafe. The set included songs from all Brook Pridemore albums, and was released on cassette under the title, My Name Is Brook Pridemore, And I Live In Brooklyn, NY. This live album also marked the incorporation of Pridemore's own record label, Brook Pridemore Industries.