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Martti Suosalo

Born: July 19 1962
Born in: Oulu, Finland

Martti Suosalo

Martti Juhani Suosalo (born 19 July 1962 Oulu, Finland) is a Finnish actor and singer.

Suosalo began his career in 1986 appearing on a mini TV series. He began to work as a regular actor on Finnish television but also appeared in several films in the early 1990s such as the 1994 film Aapo alongside actors such as Taisto Reimaluoto, Ulla Koivuranta and Kai Lehtinen.

While most of his work has been in television in 1999 Suosalo appeared in just about every major film produced in Finland that year appearing on the big screen in films such as Rentun Ruusu, Sibelius and Lapin kullan kimallus.

In 2006, Suosalo has appeared in the TV series Ilonen talo and in the movie Kalteva torni, which stars another Suosalo family member, his 7-year-old daughter Siiri Suosalo, in her first major movie role.