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The Great Kat

Born: August 20 1966
Born in: Swindon, England

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The Great Kat

Katherine Thomas (born 6 June 1966), best known by her stage name The Great Kat, is an American musician best known for her thrash metal interpretations of well-known pieces of classical music. Most feature her using the electric guitar, but on some she uses the violin. Thomas is a classically trained violinist, graduating from the Juilliard School and touring for a time playing conventional classical music before crossing over to metal.

Guitar One magazine listed her as one of the "Fastest Shredders of All Time". Her classical background, technical skills and self-promotion are sometimes compared to Yngwie Malmsteen. In an interview in she claimed to be the reincarnation of Beethoven.

Her public persona, as portrayed in her publicity photos and videos, is mainly compared to that of a dominatrix, albeit in an over-the-top, abusive tongue-in-cheek manner.