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José Evangelista

Born: August 5 1943


  • classical
  • composer
  • spanish

José Evangelista

José Evangelista (born 5 August 1943) is a Spanish composer and music educator who is based in Montreal, Canada. A member of the Canadian League of Composers, the Sociedad General de Autores y Editores, and an associate of the Canadian Music Centre, Evangelista is known for his commitment to contemporary classical music and non-Western music. In 1974 he was awarded first prize in the Confederación Espanola de Cajas de Ahorros Contest in Madrid for his En guise de fête. In 1978 he helped found Les Événements du neuf, a concert society dedicated to avant-garde music. In 1982 he was awarded a special prize from Spain's Ministry of Culture for his work Vision, and in 1988 he won first prize in the choral works competition of St Mary Magdalene's Church in Toronto for his O quam suavis est. Since 1972 he has taught on the music faculty of the Université de Montréal. Among his notable pupils is composer Analia Llugdar.