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Formed: August 17 2017


Bishop A.C. (formerly xBISHOPx) is an American straight edge hardcore band, formed in Florida in 2004. It band features current and ex members of Until the End, Remembering Never, xReign of Terrorx, and Suffocate Faster. The lyrical content includes views on society, politics, and the straight edge.

Originally formed under the name xDiary Of A Corpsex, they recorded a four track demo (which was later released as Bless the Dead in 2007). The band changed its name in 2005 and released their first full-length album Suicide Party on Ferret Records. Soon after they released the remainder of the recorded tracks on a split with The Red Barron. Despite rumors of a breakup or permanent hiatus, Ferret Records announced that their second full length, Drugs would be released in late 2008 on Dead Truth Recordings. The vinyl version would reportedly feature an exclusive track.

The band released the Asylum 7" via Dead Truth Recordings in August 2009 before going on a hiatus from 2011-2013. They released their third full length, Everything In Vein, in 2015 on Dead Truth Recordings.