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Formed: October 17 1993


the reveels,paul milsomTURTLEBOX-was a band formed in Brisbane Australia in 1993.The original line up consisted of four members.Paul Milsom-vocals/guitar,Roland Bishop-lead guitar,Greg Baxter-[the prime ministers eleven,stiff kittens]-bass and Bret Kylanberg-drums. The band signed a 2 e.p (or 1xl.p) deal with cool indie label Emily/Shock records and released their 1st 5 track e.p-shameless pop songs(recorded and mixed within 2 days)in 1994 to national and international acclaim. Turtlebox's single from the e.p shameless pop song was quickly added to heavey rotation on Australian national radio broadcaster abc's triple j which also lead to extensive touring of the east coast(Cairns to Melbourne)of Australia with a live to air in Sydney on triple j.Shameless pop song was #59 in 4 zzz top 100 in 1995.It was rated by Richard Kingsmill of triple j as one of the top 5 c.d's for the month coming in at #3.

The band was picked up by Brisbane's Powderfinger management company just before the release of the e.p around may of 1994 and Secret service(formerly known as Valhala)managed by Paul Pitico (Powderfinger,the grates,magic dirt,splendour in the grass)went on to manage the band until their split in 1998/99. Turtlebox toured Australia extensively supporting Powderfinger on many occassions and also supported such bands as Soundgarden,The Jesus and Mary chain,You Am I,The Church and were hand picked to support Silverchair on their 1st ever tour.They also played the festival circuit such as The Big Day Out,Livid Festival and several others.

After extensive touring and gigging the band had formed into a tight,hard edged pop/rock band.They had recruited hard hitting drummer Ross Maclennan (far out corporation,the predators) from another awesome local band Rubberbug whom the band greatly admired and added new bassist Damien Burge. The results of recruiting,practicing and touring with the new rhythm section soon shaped the band into a well oiled,respected and admired outfit through-out the country and far abroad as the U.S,U.K and Germany. It became apparent the band was definitely on track for bigger and better things. In mid 1996 the band laid down their 2nd 5 track e.p,U.F.O Jesus Returns within a few days to glowing world wide reviews. Under the watchful eye/ear of magoo(Lachlan Goold-regurgitator,midnight oil)who himself went onto to win an ARIA award for sound engineer of the year. Though U.F.O Jesus Returns did not gain the airplay that Shameless Pop Songs received with only one song,(5th track) Haunting Colour Blue on gaining light rotation on triple j,it still received glowing revues nationally and internationally with one reviewer from the Adelaide press giving it 5 out 5 stars and calling it one of the best releases of the year. After several "assured" record deals fell away and with many in the industry seeing the band as to much of a risk the band financed their final c.d [distribution through Oracle records] and,toward the end of 1998,recorded their 3rd e.p tentatively titled Good night,Good Bye and called it a day. Although a strong release it failed to "apparently" provide a single for radio play and by the end of 1999 the band had self imploded and Turtlebox were no more.A sad end to a band that should have done much more and gone much further