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Nevada Tan

Formed: September 26 2017

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Nevada Tan

Panik is a rock band from Neumünster, Germany, that was established in 2002 under the name Pan!k. This band consisted of David Bonk (guitar, vocals), Timo "T:Mo" Sonnenschein (rap/vocals), Jan Werner (DJ) and Max Böhlen (drums). With the addition of Frank "Franky" Ziegler (vocals), Christian Linke (bass guitar) and replacement of Max Böhlen with Juri Schewe on drums, the band changed its name to Nevada Tan in 2007 and released its first studio album Niemand Hört Dich to commercial success in Germany.

On January 20, 2008, Nevada Tan announced that they had officially changed their name to Panik due to difficulties with the management, resulting in switch from Universal Records to Vertigo Records. On 25 September 2009, Panik released its self-titled studio album. As of November 2009, all of the Panik members except Bonk and Sonnenschein officially left the band. On April 24, 2010, Panik played a farewell concert in Paris, France. In 2010, Bonk and Sonnenschein started a duo project named BonkSonnenschein indicating they will not continue to release music as Panik.

In 2016, David Bonk and Timo Sonnenschein reunited with Frank Ziegler and released a music video "Ausnahmezustand" under the new band moniker Zorkkk.

In 2017, the band reunited as Panik for the 10 years anniversary shows in Germany and Russia.
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