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HC Andersen

HC Andersen (also known as HCA) is a Finnish rock band group named after poet and author Hans Christian Andersen. They are known for their unique mixture of punk rock, pan-European folk music, and humour.

The band consists of Jake Romppanen, Ema Hurskainen, Pakke Pakarinen, Olli "Ola" Nurminen, and Samuli "Teho" Majamäki.

They are best known for their albums 5 vuodenaikaa (Finnish for "Five Seasons", released in 1990), Hämäyksen koston pojan paluu II (Finnish for "The Revenge of Cheat's Sons, Part 2", released in 1993), and Eventyr (Danish for "adventure" or "fairy tale", released in 1997). Eventyr received critical acclaim in the Finnish music media.