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Brinsley Schwarz

Born: March 25 1947
Born in: Woodbridge, Suffolk, England

Brinsley Schwarz

Brinsley Ernst Pieter Schwarz (born 25 March 1947, Woodbridge, Suffolk) is an English guitarist and rock musician. He formed a band named Kippington Lodge in 1965, which evolved into the band Brinsley Schwarz. After the band's demise in 1974, Schwarz briefly joined Ducks Deluxe before forming The Rumour and going on to achieve success with Graham Parker as Graham Parker and the Rumour. He continued to record and tour with Parker following the splitting up of The Rumour in 1980, notably contributing to Parker's The Mona Lisa's Sister album (1988).

Schwarz also played the saxophone on the band's albums from 1972 onwards and on Dr. Feelgood's 1974 debut album, Down by the Jetty, on the live recording of the medley track, "Bonie Maronie" / "Tequila".

He produced some Brinsley Schwarz and Graham Parker albums.

As of 2012 he was back on tour with Ducks Deluxe, and in 2016 toured with Graham Parker and released his first solo album Unexpected. on which he wrote all the songs, played all guitars and bass and sang all the vocals.