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Born: January 22 1983
Born in: Paraćin, SFR Yugoslavia

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For a basketball player nicknamed "Marčelo", see Šarūnas Marčiulionis

Marčelo (Serbian: Mарчело), born Marko Šelić (Марко Шелић) is a Serbian Hip-hop artist and writer, known for his socially conscious lyrics and eclectic approach to musical arrangements. From Paraćin, he moved to Belgrade, where he has had great success over the years, and became one of the most prominent Serbian hip hop artists. He is also a student of Serbian language and literature at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philology. Marčelo is often referred to as the "voice of a generation" by his peers, as he perfectly captures the spirit of a transition-bound young man in Serbia trying to make a decent living for himself, while remaining sane. He does not vote, for he feels there is nobody to vote for, he does not trust the authorities, as he believes that none of them have earned his trust and he is sceptical about a happy ever after scenario, as he has seen to few of those to believe that they happen to most people.